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One of our customers put it perfectly: “Everybody is so happy here!”  

So why not book a visit to Sydney Christmas Tree Farm to share in the spirit of Christmas.  Imagine the lovely smell of pine every time you open your front door during the Christmas season because you have a fresh tree. Experience for yourself why so many people come back to Sydney Christmas Tree Farm for a fresh tree time and time again.

When you arrive for your appointment at Sydney Christmas Tree Farm, you will be given a streamer to carry around whilst choosing that special tree for you.  Once you've decided on a particular tree, tie your streamer on with a distinctive bow, go find one of our staff and they'll give you the price and cut it down.  Prices depend on height and bushiness.  Once home, if you place your tree in a cool spot without direct sun or the flow of air conditioning, and you keep the water in the base topped up, your tree should last well.  For tips on how to get your tree home and how to look after it, go to our FAQ sheet.

We are proud of our heritage at Sydney Christmas Tree Farm. We have been welcoming visitors to our authentic Pick-Your-Own Farm for nearly 40 years since the first trees were planted in 1979.  Trees take 4, 5, 6, and often 7 years to reach sizes ready for market.  Over the years we have tried a few different varieties, but the trees that have proven to be the best are what we are selling now: A particular pinus radiata cross supplied as tube stock specifically for the Christmas Tree market.  Once a tree is two years old, it gets pruned several times every year.  Then there is also fertilising, mulching, fungus treatments and sometimes herbicide.  So each and every tree at Sydney Christmas Tree Farm is really pampered with lots of TLC!

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Find Us - Contact Us

6 Namba Rd

Enter from Birramal Rd

Duffys Forest,  NSW  2084 


Directions:  Turn off Mona Vale Rd at Terrey Hills and follow Booralie Rd for ~5km into Thuddungra Rd.  Namba Rd will be on your right halfway up the hill.  From Namba turn right into Birramal Rd.  See map below....


Please park only on the 'christmas-tree' side of road.

02 9450 2027

ABN - 55136541496

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