Tree Stands

Cinco up to 8 stand.jpg


Protect your tree and your car

We can run your tree through a netting baler so your tree is pulled into a more compact shape. 


Transporting your tree is then a lot easier, regardless whether your tree is going home in the boot of your car, or, on the roof where the netting is particularly good because it limits the breeze blowing through your tree.

Check out our other tips for getting your tree home on the Sydney Christmas Tree Farm FAQ sheet.

Save family feuds this year!

These Cinco stands from the USA have a reservoir for water with a spill guard.  Plus, customers tell us they have stood the test of time.  Three sizes: (1) for the table-top (up to 4' tree),  (2) trees up to 8' tall (holds 3.7 litres of water),  (3) trees up to 10' tall (holds 6.6 litres of water).

Check out our tips about how to install your tree using a tree-stand on the Sydney Christmas Tree Farm FAQ sheet.

By the way... Cinco stands have a 10yr warranty so you can be sure they will last!  A good investment.

Tree baler with netting.jpg